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All models World-Class Audiometric Equipment Resonance Portable Models Distributor inquiries welcome. Contact Ear Technology Corporation for more details. World-Class Audiometric Equipment Distributor inquiries welcome. Contact Ear Technology Corporation for more details.

Ear Technology Corporation is the exclusive provider of world-class audiometric equipment in the United States.

Resonance audiometric products, designed and produced in Italy, are now available in the United States exclusively from Ear Technology Corporation. With a fresh look, improved innovative technology and intuitive software, Resonance has the audiometric equipment to fit your company’s need and your budget. Each model Ear Technology offers was carefully selected for its functionality and range of modality.

Resonance equipment comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty. Ear Technology will provide the necessary technical support and customer care support for all the Resonance audiometric equipment. All equipment comes with Management Data Suite (MDS) software that is compatible with Noah and other electronic management record systems.

Resonance Equipment Distributed by Ear Technology Corporation


Portable Screening Audiometer

Compact dimensions, lightweight and excellent ergonomics: R07A Portable Audiometer is the ideal solution for quick and reliable screening assessment for schools, industry and medical practices.

RE-VO Video Otoscope

RE-VO Video Otoscope

  • Can be connected to all of the Resonance portable touch screen audiometry equipment through the use of Wi-Fi or USB connection
  • Offers the ultimate in versatility and portability
  • Included software allows the capture of photos and videos
  • Two year limited warranty

r14o OAE

Portable High-Frequency Touchscreen Audiometer

The r14o provides reliable and easy to interpret results of otoacoustics emissions evaluation, which is important in any hearing screening program. The r14o menu and user interface are designed for quick and precise testing. By pressing a few icons, OAE test results can be achieved in just seconds. The intuitive workflow and the large touchscreen make the r14o fast and easy to operate, and the r14o also manages data transfer to PC or to portable printer without plugging in.


Touchscreen Tympanometer

Made from high-quality materials, R16M-D is exquisitely designed. The device combines tympanometry and reflex tests, all in a uniquely portable and wireless device with 7″ touchscreen display. Also includes a useful Quick Test for fast and consecutive Tymp and Reflex testing.


Portable Touchscreen Audiometer

All the fundamental elements of R17A – the display, the chip, the wireless connection, and the user interface design – work together to create the best possible experience.


Diagnostic Tympanometer

The R26M-PT is a flexible clinical device for measuring tympanometry acoustic reflex and allows both device and accessories to be safely transported in a durable luggage-grade padded carrying case, available on request.

r25c PT

Diagnostic Combined Multifrequency Middle Ear Analyzer

There is no other device offering a wider range of testing capabilities and providing hearing professionals with better features, versatility, flexibility and functionality.


Diagnostic Audiometer

R27A Resonance Audiometer has been engineered to respond to the needs of ENT and Audiology Specialists.


Clinical Tympanometer

Resonance R36M Middle Ear Analyzer provides a flexible clinical device for Tympanometry acoustic reflex measurement.


Clinical Audiometer

The R37A is user-friendly and allows both device and accessories to be safely carried around in a practical carrying case, available on demand.

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